Delbion Reports is used in large companies and SMEs from any sector of activity to reveal useful to as:

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General Process

  • Benefits
  • Productivity
  • Investments
  • Sales
  • Purchases


  • Total number of calls
  • Average time for calling
  • Performance for each telephone operator
  • Valuation of campaign: profits, sales, ROI

Tickets/Incidences Management

  • Opening
  • Incidence type
  • User who manages incidence
  • Average length of management
  • Closing
  • Reopening

CRM application data

  • New customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Retrieval of old, lost customers
  • Costes optimization (communication, marketing, customer services...)


  • Order Status
  • Invoicing

Production Control

  • Factory Processes
  • Stock management
  • Manufactory performance
  • Distribution


  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Rating of products and services

Data stores in Datawarehouse

Business strategies

  • Detection of new market trends
  • Anticipation and reaction to market changes
  • Exploration and investment of new markets
  • Design or modification of image and communication campaigns

Human Resources

  • Request Management
  • Types of requests and customers
  • Number of candidates to be assigned
  • Number of requests managed by user
  • Average lenght of treatment for each candidate

     No limits for your data value: Delbion Reports connects to any database used in your systems.       


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