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Delbion Reports uses data from any source; multiple sources for a report. It is integrated with ERP, CRM or other similar systems.

Reports are displayed online. The interface design is integrated into the corporate image. The look and feel and language can be customized. Specific parameters may also be selected.

User is provided with a wide range of graphs, tables and their combinations for reporting:

     - histograms
     - bar charts (single and stacked)
     - pie charts
     - line graphs
     - area charts
     - data tables
     - bubble charts...

Reports can also be exported to other formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, Word, XML, Open Office), printed or sent by email.


Application displays simple and intuitive steps to launch a report:

1. A list of possible reports, and a brief description of each one

2. Select one of the reports listed

3. Select reports parameters (if necessary)

4. Execution: report and chart are displayed

5. Export, print or send by e-mail to employees and custome

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Delbion Reports is a part of the online applicaction platform AurBox.

AurBox is a development core for online applications that integrates perfectly with other systems.


               Comparing BI tools and Delbion Reports 

Business Intelligence tools

-Technical restrictions:

    -qualified staff for running reports

    -qualified staff for a portal development that displays the data

-Strong economic investment (hardware, software, licenses)

-Expensive implementation in financial terms and time

-Expenses in maintenance and management

-Limited usability, difficult management and learning

-Get reports on request from analysts

-Low collaboration between users, employees and partners

-Limited accessibility

Delbion Reports

-Decrease of technical limitations:

   -non-technical user autonomy to execute reports

   -Online display on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet)

-Acceptable economic investment, cost reduction

-Quick implementation

-No software maintenance and management, cost reduction

-Easy and intuitive tool to use and learn

-Getting real-time reports for all users

-Development of collaboration between users, employees and partners

-High accessibility