Aurbox  Online Applications Development

Why can we develop your online applications in a matter of weeks?

We have solved 70% of the disadvantages before starting.

Our experience and the platform AurBox are the solution.

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Main problems when developing online applications

Problem Solution

The requirements for an online application are much larger than our needs

AurBox platform adds to your system 60% of the common functionalities:

  • users administration and registration
  • access control by roles, groups and users
  • typical IT functionalities (emailing, data encryption..)
  • complete applications to manage contents, online payments, forms...
  • file storage
  • reporting system
And more than 300 functionalities ready to be used within your applications
The project is scattered and never seems to end

Starting from a system that includes most of the functionalities, we focus directly on your needs and requirements.

The system hangs and fail continuously

AurBox is 100% tested and working. You won't get any error sending an email or trying to login. Every action has been tested thousands of times before using them inside your system.

Everyday we get new unforeseen problems and delays

At Delbion we have been several years implementing new applications on top of CADIT platform. We advise on all options before starting.

We cannot implement our business special requirements

The AurBox core and the Apps are developed in JAVA.

Java has proven over decades to be the most versatile system. Seamlessly integrates with all systems. The nature of JAVA addresses the most complex situations in a comfortable, stable and intelligent way.

What if tomorrow the usage increases massively?

You will get more benefits.

Both AurBox (100% Uptime) as the JAVA programming break all records of scalability and configurability.

Everything will work fine no matter how massive usage you need.

We have changed our company look and feel or we need to use our customers look and feel

The graphical environment is managed independently.

Since AurBox creation, one of the big objectives was to offer a highly customizable  look & feel module. The desired look & feel is integrated into all areas.

Where and how are they configured

We advice the best production systems for your applications:

  • In the cloud: discover the advantages of the SaaS.
  • In a dedicated cloud: it can host multiple applications, portals and clients.
  • Inside your intranet or datacenter through:

           - C-Box: HP preconfigured servers ready to go live.
           - Your own servers and virtual machines configured.

Delbion can migrate from one system to another in a comfortable and transparent way.

 We have streamlined online application development   

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